About Me

About me

Born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in 1974.

Since graduating from Central St. Martins in 1996, I have always worked within creative industries - mainly as a Creative in advertising. This enabled me to work in London, Melbourne and Dublin, before returning to London, where, in the depths of recession I found myself with the opportunity to pick up a paint brush and get painting again.

It was while still freelancing as a Creative Director that I finally had the breakthrough moment on how to utilise vinyl as a medium - an idea I have had since first learning the skill of hand cutting vinyl in my first ever job, back in 1990, at a Silverstone-based sign company. Realising that this had brought me full-circle, I recognised this was the sign to make the leap and follow my ultimate dream.

My career as an art director and studying in graphic design meant I always had a very close eye for detail, along with a deep love of vivid, bold colours. This is where the influence from pop art lays heavily in my inspiration. I attempt to achieve the often daring use of colour, along with a strong discipline in intricate craft skills - of which the hand-cut nature of the work delivers.

These are qualities that don't always appear together; a true blend of traditional techniques with modern materials. The end results create a minimalist hyper-realism Pop Art style that transforms real objects (vehicle parts) into pieces that become surreal. The viewer often needs a moment to compute what the eye is seeing in front them - a skill I admire from Koons' sculptural pieces. I believe stationary vehicles take on the form of reflective sculptures that deliver a unique, warped view on our everyday surroundings, therefore enabling my work to bring this view of the outside world, in. The use of vinyl has also been utilised to work in the 2D collections. From the figure series, through to the studies in water, the unique qualities and finish of vinyl constantly open new paths on which to take this medium down - resulting in an ever-developing, diverse and original collection of art works.

Please contact me regarding any commission enquiries and visit joelclarkartist.carbonmade.com to view my automotive art.

UPDATE: Selected pieces are now available to purchase through the Own Art scheme. Spread the cost over 10 monthly instalments, interest-free. Please contact for more details.

Exhibitions: (inc upcoming)
The Other Art Fair. London 2018.
Oxford Int'l Art Fair. Oxford 2018.
Pall Mall Galleries. London. 2017.
The Other Art Fair. Bristol 2017.
Royal Automobile Club. London. 2017
Creative Debuts. Ongoing display. London. 2017
LCA Show. Store St gallery, London. 2017
Selfridges. London 2016
ClassicandSportsCar Show. London 2016.
Silverstone Auctions. 2016
#Tribe16 Int'l art Show, London 2016
Silverstone Classic 2016
Christies, London. Turnbull & Asser LCM2016 show.
Re:Artiste 'Show Your World'. New York. 2015
BOLT London Motorcycle Art Show. 2015
Royal Automobile Club. London. 2015
TIAF London 2015. 
Pancakes & Booze Pop-Up group show. London. 2015
Salon Prive. Blenheim Palace. 2015
Miami Int'l Art Expo. Miami. 2015
Tokyo Int'l Art Fair. Tokyo. 2015
Fusion, The Cult House. London. 2015
Solo show at Nancy Victor Gallery. London. 2015
Art in Mind, Brick Lane Gallery. London. 2014